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  Quality keyless chucks
  ALEXANDER S NEWALL   Slitting saws
  ALLFIVE TOOL CO   **See specialist web page**
  ALLIED MAXCUT   High performance, through coolant drills
  ATM   Knurling tool solutions
  BLUECHIP   Spindle tooling & V.D.I.
  BLUNDELL FILES   Whole range of files
  BONEHAM AND TURNER   Drill bushes
  BOREMASTER   Spade Drills
  BOTT   Tooling Cabinets
  BROADBENT M/C TOOLS   Asquith tapping heads, etc.
  BROOKE   HSS and cobalt milling cutters and slitting saws   manufactured by G.C.D.C
  BROWN & SHARPE   TESA micrometers, verniers and measuring equipment
  CANELA   Toolholders, boring bars and milling cutters for indexable
  CENTRELINE   Multi-spindle drill heads, speed increaser heads, right angle   heads, etc.
  CERAMETAL   Cost effective range of quality ISO inserts
  CERAMTEC   SPK ceramic inserts and toolholders
  CIRCLE   Range of turning tools and small diameter boring bars
  CLA TOOLS   Burraway back chamfer equipment, roller burnishing   equipment
  COGSDILL   Shefcut reamers
  CRAWFORD COLLETS   Full range of collets
  DAVID RICHARDS   CBN and PCD inserts
  DORMER   Drills, taps, milling cutters
  DRAPER   Household and engineering consumables  
  DRILL SERVICES   End cutting tools, grinders and burrs, drilling machines, etc.
  EMUGE   High performance taps
  ERNEST BENNETT   HSS side and face cutters
  ETM   Quality spindle tooling
  EXCEL   Machine tools and accessories, chucks, dividing tools, etc.,
  F & R BELBIN   Tru-flote floating reamer holders
  FENN TOOL &GAUGE   Kestag cobalt cutters, Fetoga carbide cutters
  FETTE HI-TECH   Fette thread rolling equipment, Fette range of cobalt HSS   cutters
  FILTERMIST   Loc-line flexible tools
  FLOYD AUTOMATIC   Zeus knurling tools
  FORKARDT   Spindle tooling
  FORMTOOL SYSTEMS   HSS coated parting-off tools and inserts
  GARR TOOL   Metric and Imperial Solid Carbide Cutters.
  GARRYSON   Solid carbide endmills / slotdrills
  GEWEFA   Spindle Tooling and V.D.I.
  GOLIATH   Taps and threading equipment
  GRANLUND   Equipment for countersinking and counterboring
  GUHRING   Drills, taps, milling cutters
  HERBERT TOOLING   Herbert Saftap tapping heads, Capstan and Turret lathe   tooling
  HORN   Quality range of grooving, internal and and external
  HOYBIDE   Indexable carbide inserts, toolholders and boring bars
(Clarkson-Osborn & Marwin)
  Carbide tipped endmills and slotdrills - cobalt/HSS range
  I.T.C.   Solid carbide tooling, Hanita range of cobalt tooling
  J.H. LINES   Knurl tools and wheels
  KENNAMETAL HERTEL   (Cleveland & Presto)   Full range of carbide tooling and inserts.
  KNURLTEC   CNC knurling tools
  KOMET (UK)   Komet Kub drills, boring bars and general carbide tooling
  L & TI BROCK   Roller box tangential tools and inserts
  LINEAR   Saradrill equipment, Noga deburring, measuring equipment
  LMT FETTE   Keininger tooling
  MANCHESTER   Internal and external groove tools and carbide inserts
  MENLO   Solid carbide tooling
  METOSOL LUBRICANTS   Soluble oils, neat oils, tapping oils
  MICROBORE   Devlieg \Microbore tooling, twinbore, tribore and spindle   tooling
  MICRONAID SLIP GAUGES   Competitively priced slip gauge sets
  MIRCONA   Range of internal and external grooving tools and inserts
  MITSUBISHI   Full range of carbide tooling and inserts
  MITUTOYO Micrometers, verniers, whole range of measuring equipment
MOORE & WRIGHT   Inspection Equipment
  NIKKEN   Quality Spindle tooling
  MOHAWK   Subland drills, spot drills, special step drills, etc.
  MORRIS   Spindle tooling
  NACHI   Quality drills and endmills
  OMEGA   Quality endmills, slot drills - includes the 'Carmon' range
  OSG/NORMAN   Quality taps, special taps, cobalt drills, endmills, slotdrills
  PCM   Spindle tooling and V.D.I.
  PERFOR   High performance cobalt drills and taps
  PFANDER   Spindle Tooling
  PLANSEE TIZIT   Full range of carbide tools and inserts
  POSI-THREAD   Carbide threading inserts
  RAILTON   Floating reamer holders
  RIGIBORE   Boring toolholders and cartridges
  ROHM (GB)   Quality revolving centres and chucks
  SECO TOOLS   Full range of carbide tools and inserts
  SGS CARBIDE   Solid carbide tooling
  STARRETT   Micrometers, verniers, whole range of measuring equipment
  STELLRAM   Full range of carbide tools and inserts
  Full range of carbide tools and inserts
  TAEGUTEC   Full range of cardibe tools and inserts
  TAPMATIC   Quality tapping chucks
  TAYLOR & JONES   HSS reamers
  TITEX   **see specialist web page**
  TOOLEX   Reamers
  TOOLMEX POLMACH   Chucks, spindle tooling, V.D.I., centres, carbide tooling
  UNIVERSAL   Grinding wheels
  V.R. WESSON FANSTEEL   ISO carbide inserts
  VALENITE-MODCO   Full range of carbide tools and inserts
  VIKING TOOL   **see specialist web page**
  WALTER GB   Full range of carbide tools and inserts
  WIDIA   Full range of carbide tools and inserts





H.B.Tools (Ormskirk) Ltd
Unit 2, Langley Court. Higgins Lane Industrial Estate.
Burscough. Lancs L40 8JR
Tel: +44 (0) 1704 897722
E-mail: sales@hbtools.co.uk
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