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Offer 1 Boring Bars
Offer 2 Milling Cutters
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CNMG 120404 HB3 P30C @ £1.70 Each Nett

CNMG 120408 HB5 P30C @ £1.70 Each Nett

WNMG 060404 HB3 P30C @ £1.62 Each Nett

WNMG 060408 HB5 P30C @ £1.62 Each Nett

WNMG 080404 HB3 P30C @ £1.82 Each Nett

WNMG 080408 HB5 P30C @ £1.82 Each Nett

DNMG 150604 HB3 P30C @ £2.48 Each Nett

DNMG 150608 HB5 P30C @ £2.48 Each Nett

CCMT 060204 HB3 P30C @ £1.55 Each Nett

CCMT 09T304 HB3 P30C @ £1.89 Each Nett

DCMT 11T304 HB3 P30C @ £2.25 Each Nett


TEL: 01704 897722 FAX: 0800 096 6369






H.B.Tools (Ormskirk) Ltd
Unit 2, Langley Court. Higgins Lane Industrial Estate.
Burscough. Lancs L40 8JR
Tel: +44 (0) 1704 897722
E-mail: sales@hbtools.co.uk
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